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Experience the difference with a Coolskin Aluminium Patio

When designing your outdoor space, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is the materials used for your patio or pergola. As your source of shade and protection, it is important to choose something durable and efficient, as well as pleasing to the eye. You also want something that requires as little maintenance as possible. Some common material choices include timber, steel and aluminium. 

Aluminium is one of the most popular options as it offers many advantages over other materials. Trueline’s Coolskin Aluminium Roofing offers quality patios that will last for years to come. Crafted from high tensile marine grade aluminium, the product is rust proof and fade resistant. It comes in a wide range of colours, coated with a unique high gloss Baked Enamel Paint to protect the roofing and ensure temperature regulation.  

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Sunny Coast Hailstorm Damage? Patios, Carports, Pergolas…

All too often we hear customers navigating the hurdles involved when disaster hits. Whether its Hail Damage, an at home accident, or something completely unexpected, we often hear that Insurers want to supply a cheaper, inferior roofing product replacement.

But that’s not what you invested in when you built with Trueline. You invested in a high quality, long lasting Outdoor Living area that would add value to your largest investment and bring hours of enjoyment to your family. While its a tricky and draining time, we encourage you not to let the stressful insurance hoops deter you from ensuring you have a replacement that meets the specifications of your initial build.

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