Make your Patio more Liveable this Autumn

02 April 2020 Outdoor Living & Inspiration

Tips to Enjoy your {home} Great Outdoors, year round!

With everyone retreating indoors over the last few weeks, we're also reminded that a change of season is fast approaching in East Coast of Australia.

If you've spent enough time around your home to get to a point where you can no longer look at those little pesky tasks and projects yet to be completed, then it may just be the perfect time to make a plan and tick them off! However if that sounds a little too hard, or a little too expense, why not start with a more slowly slowly approach and do a thorough seasonal clean around your outside living areas?

Some of the Trueline team have been using their downtime to get backyards, pool areas and patios into order so they can enjoy being home with the family over the coming months. But not many of us enjoy the actual cleaning work, so to get you started on your Autumn Patio tidy, we've put together some tips on areas tackle and how to ensure you've created a space you'll love while spending time at home over the next few weeks or really, any time during the year.

Make your Patio more liveable and loveable with these quick & easy cleaning tips!

  • Check all windows and doors for cracks or splitting and use a wind excluder for doors that have a larger gap at the bottom.
  • Trim large tree branches and do a general clean-up of gardens.
  • Check your downpipes are cleaned, unblocked and connected to your stormwater pipes to handle any sudden downpours.
  • Clean gutters of leaves, branches and any debris that has been flying around during the summer storm seasons.
  • Consider installing gutter protectors to avoid leaves and debris build up throughout the winter season. If we hate cleaning gutters at the best of times when the weather's warm, they won't be something you want to do when the weather is cooler!
  • Give the patio and outdoor entertaining spaces a deep clean or touch up
  • If you have a deck you may want to add a lick of oil to ensure it's well maintained throughout the cooler, wet weather seasons.
  • Don’t forget the ceiling of your patio roof and show it a bit of love with a clean - normally warm soapy water and a soft sponge will do the trick.
  • If you have a firepit, ensure it's cleaned and prepped for Marshmallow toasting!
  • You might also want to give the BBQ a deep clean just in case you decide to turn it into a last-minute Marshmallow roasting point throughout the cooler months.
  • If you use your carport to store any garden tools, building supplies, spare parts or family bikes, now is a good time to sort through what you need to keep! It might be a good time to find a place where all the bits and pieces can be safely secured.
  • Wash and store lightweight Patio Furniture and any freestanding clotheslines to ensure they don’t end up in your neighbour’s backyard.
  • Switch the direction of any outdoor fans if you think they’ll be used throughout the cooler months.
  • Check Patio heaters and ensure they meet safety standards and are suitable for the area they’re being used. If not, it might be best to head down to your local hardware store and upgrade to something more suitable.
  • Wipe down all lighting to ensure when you are outside, you’re getting the brightest light for your needs
  • Get the pool cover out to avoid having to constantly pull leaves from the pool during the cooler weather
  • Secure all the kid's toys and play equipment like Trampolines and lightweight swing sets – the last thing you want is one of these play time delights bumping into your patio and causing you nothing but headaches!
  • You may also want to refresh your Patio or outdoor entertaining space with some new chunky blankets, throw pillows or perhaps window blockers or privacy screens to make space feel a little cosier.

If you’re thinking about renovating your existing Patio or Pergola to make it a more liveable space year-round, get in touch with the Trueline team to discuss how we could help bring your dream outdoor space to life. 

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