Patio Ideas

It is simply incredible how many patio design ideas are available when it comes to creating amazing spaces in your outdoor area. From a cosy, airy room to an extensive open entertainment area, the options for patio ideas in Brisbane are as varied and individual as each person’s needs and desires for an individualised, unique outdoor space. 

The type of patio roof you ultimately decide on will be determined by how you are going to use the space. You may be looking for heat reduction — in this instance, you may want to explore our Sunclipse range or the sun protection that is offered by Coolskin. You can even opt for the best of both worlds with our Pergolaire roofing, which offers the ability to let the sunshine in when you want it, and block out rain or UV rays when you do not. To help give some design inspiration in your quest for the ultimate in outdoor living, we offer a selection of our top ten patio style ideas. 

Top ten patio ideas

1. A cosy nook

You may have an area of your patio that is small and slightly hidden. This is the ideal location to create a cosy nook. Simply adding one or two comfortable chairs with a small table to rest your book or drink can transform a forgotten area into one of escape and exclusivity. Filling the walls with plants or ornate fabrics will add to the opulence and feeling of being in your own private oasis. A boldly coloured rug will top off these types of patio style ideas as they add to the illusion of being inside while enjoying the fresh outdoor air. Imagine enjoying a mild winter day cosied up on a soft cushioned chair, hidden from the hustle and bustle of our busy world. Incorporating a comfortable space like this into your home allows you to enjoy your outdoor area by extending your living space — a truly decadent experience. 

2. Firepit warmth

Your patio is an area that has year-round potential, yet winters can be exceptionally chilly. Incorporating a fire pit into your patio layout ideas will ensure that even on the coldest of evenings you can relax in style and comfort outdoors. There is something magical about watching the flames dance while you relax with a drink in hand, surrounded by friends and family. Your fire pit could be centre stage with circular seating surrounding it, creating a communal gathering area to relax and socialise while enjoying the heat emanating from the pit. Alternatively, you could place a fire pit at one end of your patio to be a little more discreet while offering a visual point of interest and, of course, a radiating warmth. Fire pits have become rather ornate over the years,  so can still hold aesthetic charm during the summer months when you do not necessarily wish to have a fire close by.

3. Ultimate barbequing

There’s no doubt about it — Australians love a good barbeque. One of the more popular patio design ideas is to establish an area that is not only functional for traditional barbeque and dining but also a great place to entertain. Being more of a functional space does not mean it needs to be bland or boring. Adding pot plants and hanging baskets along with decorative lighting will give your BBQ area a garden feel, while ornamental features such as a small water fountain or decorative wall art bring a sense of nostalgia to the space. You could set your table with a bold coloured runner lined with candles for that extra beautiful touch, or if you are daytime barbequing, small vases with flowers that compliment your pot plants will highlight the area nicely. Small details like these will make your patio a pleasant space for your friends and family to enjoy without detracting from its functional purpose.

4. Cottage charm

Patio style ideas are generally born on themes. Country cottage charm has withstood many fashion trends over the years and remains popular to this day. The timeless beauty of a flower-filled space with cane wicker furniture and sumptuous cushions is a scene that just never gets old. To create the illusion of being flower-filled while leaving as much floor space as possible, group your varying sized pot plants in a corner with a few individual plants scattered about the space. Wall-mounted hanging plants will add to the room effect nicely without blocking views or access. Selecting vibrant, coloured plants interspersed with classic whites will provide you with the perfect cottage effect. Keeping your colour scheme simple and adding whimsical features such as wind chimes or suncatchers will result in an inviting, old-world charm environment that will be a delight to relax in.

5. Bohemian chic

Bright, bold and colourful are the hallmarks of a Bohemian look. Adding cushions to your chairs that match the colour theme but not necessarily the pattern or large throw cushions on the ground atop a decorative rug, along with ornamental glass lanterns and a few knickknacks, will give your space a true Bohemian feel. You could even incorporate a low table into the mix for a more relaxed feel and do away with chairs altogether! When considering patio style ideas, you need to know what your space will be used for before decorating to ensure that the décor is practical. The Bohemian style oozes a relaxing, laid back charm, so it’s ideal for a patio that you simply wish to recline into and enjoy. It is a carefree and unstructured look where all of your individual pieces come together to create a feeling of timeless relaxation.

6. Modern and sleek

Streamlined, crisp patio layout ideas will bring a modern, sleek look to your patio. Incorporating glass and metal furniture will keep the minimalist appeal while ensuring that you have the comfort and functionality of the space you seek. Keeping it simple is key to this look. Do not overload your patio space with colourful pot plants or ornaments. Simple large vase style planters in a dark bold colour, placed in a couple of set back positions such as a corner, or against a supporting pillar, will be all you need. Using drought-resistant Australian native plants or medium-sized plants with large green leaves will add to the overall feel. This look works very well with open patios that sit adjacent to a modern style house. You could incorporate glass fencing to the open sides of your patio to retain the open feeling and views while adding to the sleek styling of your home.

7. Poolside delights

When it comes to patio ideas for the poolside, it is all too common to not incorporate the pool into the design. This idea allows for a portion of the pool to be shaded so you can lounge about or play. It also means you can continue to enjoy your pool during a hot summer's day, even if there is a downpour. Simply sit back under the roofed area with your book and remain cool without the inconvenience of sun-showers driving you out of the pool. Your pool, pool furniture, pool toys and accessories can all be placed under one roof as a patio can provide you with a convenient storage solution. Add some unique lighting to the pool section of the roof, and you can create an eye-catching feature at night while the lights play across the water’s surface. This idea really does make your pool useful at any time of day or night while creating the illusion of a larger patio floor space and removing the separation effect that can occur when establishing a poolside area. 

8. Child's play 

Children love being outside, especially when the adults are gathering outside as well. This cute idea gives your children their own little space that could be a corner of your existing outdoor entertaining area. Particularly useful for when you have guests and want to sit outside, but the little ones have all their toys inside, or it is simply too hot or rainy for them to play in the yard. Basic split curtained walls can give your children a feeling of being in a cubby, however will also allow you to easily keep an eye on them. Fill the space with colourful rubber flooring, cushions, toys and all the delights that will make the space feel fun for them. Maybe even a mini table and chairs so they can picnic in there or enjoy a classic tea party. A string of fairy lights around the top will give a little wonder at night, or you can hang mobiles from the patio roof. You can rest assured your children are protected from harmful UV rays during the daytime and easily supervised at night if you consider your patio layout ideas to encompass smaller areas for additional uses.

9. One colour decadence

Patio ideas can include wanting to create a space that oozes luxury and charm. This is quite simple if you stick to one classic colour such as white. Pale wood furniture with white cushions and white curtains around the sides of your patio will give an illusion of being in a high-end resort, without ever having to leave your own home. White candles, clear glass vases with white flowers all add to the decadence. Adding a pop of colour such as a few green-leaved plants in neutrally coloured pots will ensure it does not appear bland, and will provide natural focal points that will not clutter the one colour theme. You will never want to leave this space!

10. Bold and beautiful

Make a bold statement with your patio décor and furnishings by choosing one or two colours to feature in your decor. One example of these patio design ideas is a simple combination of aubergine and black. These colours can make your patio radiate class while not compromising on comfort or style. Heavyset furniture with extra-large cushions, big, bold coloured pots for your plants, maybe even add a wrought iron light fixture to finish the look. You can soften the boldness a little with small ornaments and small potted plants grouped together. This striking effect exudes luxury while you relax on the weekends or invite friends for a few drinks. Keeping the colour combinations to a minimum is key to this very strong yet sophisticated look. 

We hope you have found some inspiration in these patio ideas. Trueline offers the expertise and experience to bring an amazing shape and sturdy structure to your patio. All that is left is to decorate. Suggestions on how to complete the look through decorating and furnishing are available. However, you can customise your space to suit your tastes, needs and wants, just as you do with your internal rooms. There are no limits.