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Aluminium Flat Roof

The modern flat roof pergola is a design of refined simplicity. Its timeless aluminium style brings a rustic charm to creating cool outdoor settings, yet it is also perfect for merging into the surroundings. A modern flat roof pergola delivers hardwearing performance, particularly for environments close to water and coastlines. A flat roof pergola is an ideal addition for any outdoor area.

Create a stunning outdoor space

The flat roof pergola, also known as a flat verandah or flat roof patio, is a style that has stood the test of time in Australian homes over the years. Subtle, functional, and timeless, this type of patio roof will blend with your environment without the visual elaborateness that a gabled pergola roof can create. Flat roof pergolas offer protection against the elements in rain, hail, or shine while leaving you to decorate your outdoor space without the need to consider how the roof will blend with your décor. Your flat roof patio will quietly complement any decorative style — from classic plantation to ultra-modern. It lends you the freedom to update or change your outdoor look as much as you like without being concerned about the roof appearing dated or mismatched to your desired style.

The modern edge

With our Coolskin technology, you do not need to endure the heated space that traditional aluminium flat roof pergolas typically create on hot, sunny days. Your roof will not only protect you from those harsh UV rays, but it will also offer a cool sanctuary. If you have an area that is a little darker than you would like, modern technology has made it possible to install translucent panels that help to lighten up your space while still offering protection from any unwanted heat build-up. A modern flat roof pergola looks good and keeps your outdoor area accessible and comfortable all year round by utilising the latest technology offered by the Trueline team.

Trueline quality

Our dedication to providing superior quality, Australian-made patios, carports, and structures that will last extends to our modern flat roof pergola designs. We guarantee the ultimate customer experience across our entire range that will see your beautiful home addition designed and constructed with no hassle for you. You will need to place your furniture, sit back, and admire your new flat verandah, which will provide years of protection for you and your family.

We have locations in Brisbane, Rockhampton, Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast, and the Northern Rivers, where you can sit with our designers to create your ultimate outdoor space. Contact us today to get started, or simply pop in for a visit and experience the high level of skill, knowledge, and quality that Trueline offers.


What is a flat roof verandah?

A flat roof verandah is a covering for your outdoor area that can also be referred to as a flat roof patio or flat roof pergola. It is a streamlined structure providing a solid, flat surface overhead.

What are the benefits of a flat roof patio?

A flat roof patio is timeless and adaptable. No matter what style of architecture your home features, or what look you are seeking for your outdoor area, a flat pergola roof will blend beautifully, providing shelter all year round.

How much is a flat roof patio?

How much your flat roof verandah ultimately costs will be determined by the size and also the roofing options you select. This, along with any installation considerations that may impact cost, means the best way to determine a price is to contact us. Our team is more than happy to help.

How can Trueline help me build a flat roof pergola?

Our team is involved every step of the way, from measuring to manufacturing, installation and the final clean up. Trueline will deliver a high-quality product that will last a lifetime. Call us to discover how easy the process is!

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