Building a pool area – what you need to know

Building a pool – what you need to know

Queensland’s climate is ideal for water lovers and most homes are not complete without a pool. If you are planning on building a pool in your backyard, there are a few things you need to think about before you begin. An above ground or an inground pool, pool enclosure and pool deck?

Common options to consider when making a decision about your pool: 

Dimensions – What space do you have available, and what size pool do you need? The first thing you need to think about is how much space you have in your outdoor living area for a pool. There are lots of different shapes and sizes of pools and it is important to choose one that fits into your backyard in an aesthetic and practical way but also offers what you want out of a pool. Is it for the kids or for fitness? Do you want space to entertain out of the water? What is your budget? 

Above ground vs in-ground pool options – research the pros & cons of both options. Next, you need to decide whether you want an above ground or in-ground pool. Above ground is the more affordable option, but an in-ground pool is not only more pleasing to the eye, but will also last longer and add more value to your home. The choice essentially narrows down to budget, but keep in mind that an in-ground pool will cost less in the long run and could even make you money if you end up selling your home. 

Is the Pool your focus, or do you want an enjoyable, livable outdoor space – If so, have you considered if you need a surrounding deck? If you want to use your pool for entertaining, it is important to have an area outside of the pool for guests. A deck looks great and will give the outdoor living area a seamless look. Trueline can help build a deck, using quality Australian hardwoods, designing the deck to suit your unique space. 

Will you use the pool more if it’s easier to maintain and offers some sun protection for family & friends? Trueline can also provide a screened pool enclosure to make the space even more inviting. Our Oasis Room uses a UV resistant mesh to let in the sunshine without letting you burn, as well as protecting you and your pool from insects, leaves and strong winds. While this is not a necessary investment, it will greatly increase the value of your home and allow you to get more use out of your pool. 



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