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Patios and Pergolas Melbourne

Our team knows that by using the right choice of design, quality materials and superior craftsmanship, an outdoor area will change the way you live. Your entertaining patio in Melbourne will become a focus for family fun, relaxation, and health. It is like having a vacation spot just outside your door. Whether you want a patio extension, an enclosed verandah in Melbourne, a stand-alone carport, or something in between, we can help you design a space you will use and love for years to come.

Why you should choose Trueline

Our Senior Design Consultants, who have years of design experience, are available at a convenient time and will visit to discuss designs options that suit your needs and merge seamlessly into your existing home’s design and flow. The Trueline production team reflects the same quality and craftsmanship as those who have been working with Trueline for over 53 years. They understand the unique elements of each build we undertake and have been working with our Verandah, Patio and Carport products for many years. They’ve developed detailed procedures that ensure quality installations and a stress free experience with each and every project.

Local knowledge

Being Melbourne-based, we understand the unique weather patterns and what is required to keep your outdoor area liveable all year round. For instance, in Melbourne, a louvred pergola allows you to let the sunshine in when appropriate yet also provide full rain protection on those not so perfect days. You may wish to include insulated panels on your verandah in Melbourne to help with keeping the space at a comfortable temperature with the added benefit of reduced heating or cooling costs in your home. With our full range of design and material options our aim is to provide the perfect solution for you when creating a patio in Melbourne. It will suit your lifestyle while remaining architecturally complementary to your existing building.

Enclosing the space

Trueline is consistently reviewing our product range to ensure you are offered the latest in technology and style to achieve the ultimate outdoor experience. Your pergola in Melbourne can be designed to have a gabled roof, flat roof, or a gable/flat combination. We can also add the extra element of protection from the weather by enclosing the space to create an outdoor room. Building permit requirements will be taken care of by our team before works commence so you can relax in the knowledge your high quality verandah in Melbourne not only conforms to stringent quality standards but is also built in accordance with state regulations.

Carports in Melbourne

Protection for your vehicle is designed to not only keep it in pristine condition but avoid the discomfort of entering an excessively hot or cold vehicle. This is why we include carports in Melbourne within our range. Our insulated roofing ensures that your car is not damaged by rain or hail but also helps keep the internal temperature down. After all, a car is one of the more expensive purchases you will make — so why not protect it with the best roofing available?

A little of our history

Trueline is a family-owned, leading patio builder of insulated patios across Melbourne. Formed in 1970 to specialise in building quality shelter roofing systems across Australia’s east coast, and the greater Melbourne area with the recent acquisition of All Weather Shelters, Trueline is run by Trueline Group owner and Managing Director Shane Hammond, alongside registered Building Practitioner, Terry Glenn, with over 40 years of building experience, and a dedicated team of customer service and project management specialists.

Our team of experienced designers, administrators and installers pride themselves on advising on, designing, and building structures that not only add value to your property but add value to your everyday lifestyle. Contact the Trueline team today to get started on bringing your dream outdoor living space to life.

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