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Flyover roof patio example

The benefits of outdoor living

Australians love the outdoors. But between work and family commitments, finding the time to get out and enjoy Mother Nature is often difficult. So why not bring the outdoors into your home, with a quality patio, pergola or multifunctional Carport space from Trueline?

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Patio, Pergola & Carport FAQs

Have a Question about building your Patio, Pergola & Carport FAQs?

Over the last 50 years we’ve heard almost all the questions people have when it comes to building their dream outdoor living space.

Discover if your question has been answered in our Patio, Pergola & Carport FAQs.

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Additional Safety Measures in light of COVID-19

The Trueline team continues to monitor unfolding developments around the COVID-19 pandemic, and as such will continue to provide updates on our response to this changing situation. We will keep all updates within this one page, and provide feedback via email if you have any questions.

Right now, we’re still OPEN FOR BUSINESS and our team is ready to assist you with making your living space more comfortable during this unprecedented time at home!

Rest assured that our number one priority remains the health and wellbeing of our team members, customers, suppliers and the communities within which we all live & work. We will continue to operate our business although it may not be quite “as usual” and we ask that you assist us in doing so by showing your ongoing support and understanding in this unexpected environment.

Read on for further information about how we are complying with Government & Health Department directives during this time.

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Create entertainment hubs

Outdoor Patio Design Ideas 2022

A dreamy outdoor space is a wonderful addition to any home. Be it summer or winter, having a well designed outdoor space is a great way to unwind and relax while immersing yourself in nature. With ample natural lighting, fresh air and luscious greenery, outdoor areas help you feel refreshed and invigorated in nature’s bounty. From drinking your morning coffee under the sun to inviting your friends and family over for a weekend brunch, patios are the perfect place to experience the famous Australian indoor to outdoor lifestyle from the comfort of your own home.

No matter the size of your patio or backyard, a well thought out design can help you achieve the perfect deck for your home. Here at Trueline, we have curated a list of modern outdoor patio design ideas for you to embrace and transform your outdoor space with effortless style and functionality.

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Patio Ideas

It is simply incredible how many patio design ideas are available when it comes to creating amazing spaces in your outdoor area. From a cosy, airy room to an extensive open entertainment area, the options for patio ideas in Brisbane are as varied and individual as each person’s needs and desires for an individualised, unique outdoor space.

The type of patio roof you ultimately decide on will be determined by how you are going to use the space. You may be looking for heat reduction — in this instance, you may want to explore our Sunclipse range or the sun protection that is offered by Coolskin. You can even opt for the best of both worlds with our Pergolaire roofing, which offers the ability to let the sunshine in when you want it, and block out rain or UV rays when you do not. To help give some design inspiration in your quest for the ultimate in outdoor living, we offer a selection of our top ten patio style ideas.

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LOVE where you Live with a stylish Patio, Carport or outdoor living space

Don’t just dream about the perfect year-round outdoor living space – Bring it to life with Trueline. Create a space where you can relax + unwind, entertain + celebrate or simply sit back and enjoy the pleasures of life in the comfort of your existing home.

Our range of Insulated & Non-Insulated Patios, Pergolas, Carports & more can transform your existing unused spaces into year-round functional areas, using premium materials and designed with your unique lifestyle and needs in mind.

Invest in your largest asset with peace of mind in the entire build process & Book your FREE, NO-OBLIGATION Design Consultation today.

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Building a pool area – what you need to know

Queensland’s climate is ideal for water lovers and most homes are not complete without a pool. If you are planning on building a pool in your backyard, there are a few things you need to think about before you begin. An above ground or an inground pool, pool enclosure and pool deck?

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Enjoy Winter with an Insulated Patio

Australia is known for its scorching summer days and chilly winter nights, forcing people inside half the year and out the other half. Many shy away from spending time outside once winter sets in, finding the wind and weather too cold to sit and simply enjoy the night air and the dream space they created for warmer weather entertaining. However, with an insulated patio, you can enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Insulated patios keep the cold away during winter and keep the heat out during summer. Insulation is for the use of reducing unwanted heat loss or gain using materials glass wool, rock wool, polystyrene, urethane foam, plant fibre, animal fibres, earth and much more. 

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Prepare your Patio & Backyard for the Cooler Weather

With the cool change in weather comes the reminder that winter is well and truly on its way, bringing with it windy and often unpredictable weather conditions. In addition to preparing for all the fun things the cooler weather allows, like roasting Marshmallows or evenings around fire pits, also comes the more serious side of ensuring your patio, backyard area and belongings are secured and safe.

Although you may have completed your seasonal cleaning regime inside, there are a few things you might not have thought of – or perhaps been tempted to avoid because of the cooler conditions – around the outside of your home.

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Create Paradise in your backyard with Trueline Oasis Patio Rooms

The backyard is a popular place to find many Australians, rain or shine and with such enviable weather all year round, it is no wonder that outdoor living spaces are now becoming more popular than the home itself. Creating a space that is inviting and practical is a must for any outdoor lover. As leaders in our field, and with a passion for the outdoors, our Trueline Oasis Patio Room offers all the good things about being outside, without any of the bad!

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Lifetime Car Protection with a Carport

The decision to add a carport usually occurs because there is a practical need to provide protective space for one or more vehicles and in many instances comes as a consequence that your garage is now being used for a purpose other than storing cars. However the functionality of the cover usually overrides equally important considerations around aesthetics and durability.

The type of carport you choose may be determined by the value of your vehicles – this is of relevance but should not drive your decision. Without doubt the most important consideration is how will your new carport not just serve the functional need of protecting vehicles but will it beautify the frontage of your home maintaining the aesthetic style while adding bankable value to your property.

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