Insulated Patio Roof

Insulated Patio Roofing

Insulated roofing panels have been a feature of Australian outdoor living for more than 25 years. Recently, they have seen a surge in popularity. Add comfort and style to your home with architecturally inspired designed outdoor living.

With a huge range of modern colours and profiles, there is an insulated outdoor roofing option to suit all homes. Trueline’s design and construction process ensures we can create an outdoor living space to match any age, style and design home or business.

An insulated patio is a covered outdoor living area. Unlike a traditional patio, insulated roofing is made from multiple layers which help to insulate the area from extreme temperatures.

Insulated patios can be attached to an existing structure or entirely freestanding. Structurally, they include gutters and downpipes to manage rainfall. They can include outdoor furniture and outdoor kitchens making them a perfect space for enjoying the outdoors in comfort.

Often used for entertaining, they provide a way to bring indoor living outside.

Insulated patio panels and single-skin patio roofing differ mainly in their manufacturing process. The manufacturing process of insulated patio roofing panels typically combines 3 key layers:

  • High-tensile exterior sheeting
  • Insulation core
  • High-tensile, pre-finished ceiling

The insulating core protects the area from extreme temperatures. It offers significant increases in strength and durability compared to single-skin panelling. This increased strength allows for greater flexibility in designs and a larger span between supporting posts.

Trueline offers insulated roofing panels made for areas near water like pools, lakes, rivers, and beaches.

Insulated patios offer many benefits over traditional single-skin patio designs. They include:

Temperature management

The insulating core layer of insulated roofing provides significantly better protection from extreme temperatures, both hot and cold weather.

Design and aesthetics

Thanks to the high levels of strength and durability, insulated roofing panels require less support than single-skin roofing. The reduction of supporting rafters results in a cleaner, more streamlined appearance compared to a conventional single-skin roof. Because the external roofing layer provides structural rigidity, the ceiling layer is flat. This further adds to the clean, uninterrupted lines that make insulated patios so desirable.

The cost to build an insulated patio will vary depending on your preferences. Size, design complexity and materials determine the cost.

Our team has plenty of experience in designing and building insulated patios. They can help you with a solution that meets your budget and are standing by to help today.

Trueline offers industry-leading warranties on all our insulated patios. These include warranty periods of up to 15 years for locations close to water and pools.

When looked after properly, there is no reason your new patio can’t last a lifetime.

Our insulated panelling is available in up to 18 colours guaranteed to match and complement any aesthetic. 

The usual time frame from start to finish ranges from one day to several weeks. The amount of time it takes to build a patio depends on the design complexity. 

Other factors to consider that may change the time necessary to complete the patio include material choice and availability, weather conditions, additions or upgrades, and any obstacles that may or may not come up.

Trueline has a solid reputation for problem-solving and giving customers the very best stress-free experience possible.

In general, you can upgrade most existing outdoor roofing structures to insulated roofing. Our team has years of experience in planning, designing, and building roofing panel upgrades. Contact us to learn about available upgrade options.

Special hardware options enable the addition of solar panels to most outdoor patio roofing. Our team will discuss your solar needs when designing your patio to make your home more energy-efficient.

Flyover Roof insulated Patios

A flyover roof design creates a patio roof that goes over your home’s existing roofline. The additional ceiling height increases natural light and air circulation. Both elements greatly improve the look and feel of any outdoor space. two elements

Rendered Insulated Patios

Rendered patios are quickly becoming one of the more popular outdoor roofing designs for entertaining, recreation and leisure. They offer protection from the elements along with an increased level of luxury and glamour to any outdoor space.

Balcony Roofing

Homeowners can now choose insulated roofing for their balconies. Our team has years of experience in designing outdoor roofing for multistorey homes. We can help you transform your balcony roof into a beautiful masterpiece.

Insulated Twin Roof Patios

Insulated twin-roof patios are a good way to add protected outdoor space without blocking natural light or airflow. Made from two separate layers of insulated roofing, they are an elegant solution for modern homes.

Insulated Carports

Insulated roofing is perfectly suited to protecting cars, boats and caravans. We construct insulated carports from the same quality materials as our patios. Trueline can design custom carports to accommodate vehicles of most shapes and sizes.

What is the Trueline Difference?

Trueline focuses on delivering the best quality of service throughout all projects, regardless of size. By combining our love for the outdoors and relentless pursuit of creating the best designs with quality materials. Building your patio with Trueline can bring your ideal vision of the perfect outdoor space to life.

All Trueline patios are custom-designed and built to our customer’s requirements.

We don’t just offer standard patio designs we offer a range of designs to suit any outdoor lifestyle. We can assist you in designing the ideal outdoor space for your family. We will ensure that the materials and design align with your specific requirements.

Our projects are built using high-quality Australian-made materials. These materials are designed to withstand the harsh conditions in the Australian climate. No matter the weather, choosing high-quality materials will ensure you can enjoy your space all year long!

Trueline projects are built exclusively by our own skilled and experienced tradesmen. Specialist expertise and training means we can continue delivering our high standards of workmanship.

Unlike other companies or contractors, Trueline works on every aspect of your project- from design to completion.

Trueline only operates with the highest standards of quality and performance across different stages of the building process. Trueline offers lengthy guarantee periods on outdoor spaces, including patios, pergolas and verandahs: 10 Year Product Guarantee 15 Year Workmanship Guarantee 20 Year Base Metal Guarantee 30 Year Corrosion Resistance This does not cover damages caused by outside influences, such as storms, or maintenance by unauthorised persons.

We have more than 50 years of experience in creating outdoor spaces. The Trueline team shares a dedication to outdoor living. Their primary goal is to help all customers in achieving dream outdoor living. Our designs consultants will help you get the most of your outdoor areas.

We offer various services including 3D designs, structural engineering, navigating council requirements and approvals. We eliminate the hassle of hiring multiple contractors and manage the entire project for you. Our team will provide you with a free consultation, so you know exactly what’s involved before we begin any work on your project.

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