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Adding additional car, boat and caravan parking at home is simple with our range of steel carports. Offering the perfect balance of durability and style, steel is a popular choice for any home.

We help you navigate the design process to create an outdoor shelter that matches the style of your home. From choosing the best design to picking colours and roof panel profiles, we’ll make sure every element comes together perfectly. We also take care of local council approvals. 

We’ll provide you with the inspiration and guidance you need to create a carport that will look great and last. 

A steel carport is an outdoor roof constructed almost entirely of steel. This includes the majority of components including posts, roofing panels, beams and rafters. A steel carport is often designed and built to increase the available undercover parking space. 

Steel carports can be built in a range of sizes to accommodate a range of vehicles including boats, caravans and even construction equipment. They can be attached or freestanding. The roof is impervious to weather, meaning your prized possessions are protected from the sun’s harsh rays as well as rain and hail. 

The cost of a carport depends on the size and design complexity. Smaller and simpler carport designs are cheaper than larger more complicated roofing projects.

Our design team has been helping our clients design and build parking cover for more than 50 years. We have experience matching steel roofing solutions to almost any budget.

A carefully designed carport that has been looked after can last a lifetime. Our team will also work to ensure your location is carefully considered during the design process. This ensures elements such as strong winds or coastal exposure are accounted for.

The Trueline team only works with high-quality steel and fixings. The materials we choose are manufactured in Australia to the most stringent standards.

Combining quality materials with our workmanship allows us to offer lengthy guarantees on all our steel outdoor roofing solutions.

Steel carport construction generally takes between 1-5 days. Most single-skin carports are completed in approximately 3-4 days.

The exact length of time varies with the size and complexity of the project. There can also be external factors that affect the time it takes to build a new steel patio.

Our construction team has years of experience in keeping projects on time avoiding unnecessary delays.

Single-skin steel roofing is a versatile and cost-effective solution for all vehicle storage.

Unlike aluminium, insulated or louvred roofing, steel roofing is cheaper due to a simpler manufacturing process. While the alternatives offer benefits such as temperature control or adjustability, they do come at an increased cost.

Single-skin steel patios are considered amongst the most versatile and budget-friendly outdoor roofing options.

Yes! The versatility of using steel roofing allows us to design an outdoor according to your exact needs. Most roofing designs are suitable for steel carports.


Steel Roofing

Benefits of Steel Roofing


Known for strength and durability, steel carports can withstand the harshest Australian conditions. From Rockhampton’s subtropic climate, to Melbourne’s winter, steel carports require minimal maintenance to look great and provide years of protection for your car, truck, boat or caravan.


With a unrivalled range of colours, steel roofing can be matched to the design of any home. From modern and contemporary homes, to traditional cottages, our designs will work with you to make your new carport look great and complement your home.


Steel carports can be designed and built in a huge range of shapes and sizes. From irregularly shaped yards, to architecturally unique homes, steel offers unmatched flexibility and customisation. We ensure each design is a tailored and elegant addition to any home. e of shapes and sizes. 


With an incredibly long lifespan and seemingly limitless recycling options, steel is considered to be one of the most sustainable building materials.

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What is the Trueline Difference?

At Trueline, we pride ourselves in ensuring our customers receive the best quality of service from start to finish.

By combining our love for the outdoors and relentless pursuit of creating the best designs with quality materials. Building your patio with Trueline can bring your ideal vision of the perfect outdoor space to life.

All Trueline patios are custom-designed and built to our customer’s requirements. 

Rather than simply offering a standard patio style, we work with you through all elements of design, material features, engineering and aesthetic requirements to create the perfect outdoor space for you to enjoy.

Our projects are made with high-quality Australian-made materials and are designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

Whether it’s a hot summer day, heavy rainfall or a cold winter, you’ll never regret choosing the best materials that provide you with a space to enjoy all year round!

Trueline projects are built exclusively by our own skilled professionals that have specialist expertise and training to deliver our high standards of workmanship.

Unlike other companies, Trueline works with every aspect of the project- from design to completion.

Trueline only operates with the highest standards of quality and performance across different stages of the building process.

Trueline offers lengthy guarantee periods on all outdoor roofing. 

10 Year* Product Guarantee

15 Year* Workmanship Guarantee

20 Year* Base Metal Guarantee

30 Year* Corrosion Resistance

* This does not cover damages caused by outside influences, such as storms, or maintenance by unauthorised persons.
* The Trueline team will also explain any environmental elements that can affect the lifespan of any outdoor roofing construction. 

With more than 50 years of experience and a love for all things outdoors, we are dedicated to the outdoor lifestyle and committed to helping you realise the outdoor space of your dreams.

We offer various services including 3D designs, structural engineering, navigating council requirements and approvals. We eliminate the hassle of hiring multiple contractors and manage the entire project for you. Our team will provide you with a free consultation, so you know exactly what’s involved before we begin any work on your project.

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