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Building the patio, pergola or carport of your dreams is an exciting process. From your initial design consultation to the start of construction through to sharing the space with friends and family. Ensuring your project is designed and built according to the correct council guidelines can be a daunting process to tackle alone. 

The good news is that the team at Trueline have been navigating and working with council approvals for decades. Understanding both sides of the design and approval process allows Trueline to get your dream outdoor roof approved and built as efficiently as possible.

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Most outdoor roofing structures that exceed 10 square metres will require local council approval in Queensland.

While exceptions may exist, we recommend speaking to an experienced outdoor roofing designer to understand your local council approval requirements.

With more than 50 years of experience designing, approving and constructing outdoor roofing, Trueline can help you today.

Council approvals ensure that any outdoor roofing addition to your home is designed and built to standards set by the National Construction Code of Australia. The code is a uniform set of technical requirements. With the right approvals in hand, you can be sure that your new outdoor roof was designed and built by qualified professionals to a nationally accepted standard of safety and function.

This is particularly important when it comes to ensuring your new roof is designed and built to withstand the environmental factors in your local area. These include region-specific elements such as cyclonic winds.

The Trueline team has experience in designing roofing solutions from Rockhampton to Melbourne and everywhere in between. The team will help you with the best roofing solution and manage the council approval process from start to finish.

In most cases, all new carport designs will require council approvals. Depending on the size of your carport and local council requirements, additional approvals may be required. These will be discussed with you in detail during your design consultation.

Generally speaking, a pergola is considered a non-impervious structure. As a result, a pergola may be constructed without council approval provided it meets specific requirements set out by your local council.

When designing a pergola, it is important to consider the construction site as elements such as proximity to sewer lines may result in council approval being required. 

Depending on your local council area, there may be outdoor roofing designs that can be constructed without council approval. Generally speaking, the instances where approval isn’t required are limited. We always recommend speaking to our team to ensure an accurate interpretation of your local council requirements. 

Yes. We can help with council approval of most outdoor roofing structures. Our design consultants will help you understand the different types of structures you can add to your home as well as the application and approval process for your specific roofing goals.

In most instances, Trueline includes council application (building approval) in your quote.

There may be certain situations where a higher level of council approval is needed, such as Boundary Relaxation or Report and Consent and Town Planning applications.

With more than 50 years of experience in all aspects of dealing with council regulations, the Trueline team is well-versed and are experts in hard-to-achieve approvals.

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Trueline Kudos Carport

Kudos Carports

trueline heritage carport

Heritage Carports

Steel Carports

Steel Carports

What is the Trueline Difference?

At Trueline, we pride ourselves in ensuring our customers receive the best quality of service from start to finish.

By combining our love for the outdoors and relentless pursuit of creating the best designs with quality materials. Building your patio with Trueline can bring your ideal vision of the perfect outdoor space to life.

All Trueline patios are custom-designed and built to our customer’s requirements. 

Rather than simply offering a standard patio style, we work with you through all elements of design, material features, engineering and aesthetic requirements to create the perfect outdoor space for you to enjoy.

Our projects are made with high-quality Australian-made materials and are designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

Whether it’s a hot summer day, heavy rainfall or a cold winter, you’ll never regret choosing the best materials that provide you with a space to enjoy all year round!

Trueline projects are built exclusively by our own skilled professionals that have specialist expertise and training to deliver our high standards of workmanship.

Unlike other companies, Trueline works with every aspect of the project- from design to completion.

Trueline only operates with the highest standards of quality and performance across different stages of the building process.

Trueline offers lengthy guarantee periods on outdoor spaces, including patios, pergolas and verandahs:

10 Year Product Guarantee

15 Year Workmanship Guarantee

20 Year Base Metal Guarantee

30 Year Corrosion Resistance

This does not cover damages caused by outside influences, such as storms, or maintenance by unauthorised persons.

With more than 50 years of experience and a love for all things outdoors, we are dedicated to the outdoor lifestyle and committed to helping you realise the outdoor space of your dreams.

We offer various services including 3D designs, structural engineering, navigating council requirements and approvals. We eliminate the hassle of hiring multiple contractors and manage the entire project for you. Our team will provide you with a free consultation, so you know exactly what’s involved before we begin any work on your project.

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