Where did Patios and Pergolas Come From?

Louvered flat roof patio

Patios and pergolas are a common sight in Australia, and particularly in Queensland, but when did they become so popular? Similar to most modern structures, the patio and the pergola have culturally historic roots, particularly European ones, and both of these outdoor areas have been moulded and adapted to suit certain design nuances best fit for their environment. 

So where does the modern patio and pergola of today’s Australia come from? Learn about their fascinating histories below.

Where did Patios come from?

The word “Patio” originates from the Spanish (where it is spelled the same) who used the term to describe their courtyard, forecourt or yard. Patios were a major feature in medieval Spanish architecture, as well as during the Spanish Renaissance. Due to the country’s hot climate, the areas surrounding the patios in Spain (often called arcades), were very important for providing shelter from the heat and were richly decorated. 

The Spanish patio has since been adapted into the English language to describe small, typically paved areas adjoining the house where people gather for dining or recreation. 

Here in Australia, a patio is almost as much of a necessity as a kitchen or a bedroom. Most homes now have patios that include fully equipped outdoor kitchens and dining areas, perfect for sizzling summer barbecues.

Where did Pergolas come from?

The word “pergola” is derived from the Latin word “pergula”, which refers to a “projecting roof”. However, the structure that we know today has Egyptian and Italian origins, originally meaning an outdoor structure designed to support climbing plants such as vines, ivy, and flowers, as well as to provide shade in gardens. Pergolas were common features of Italian gardens in the early Renaissance, which then spread throughout Europe and continue to be popular in countries with hot climates. 

Patios versus Pergolas

The difference between patios and pergolas lies in their purpose or function. Patios are often attached to the home and generally used for dining or entertaining purposes while pergolas are frequently free-standing structures, beautifully designed as integral garden features or centerpieces. You may still find some traditional style wooden pergola’s draped in fruit vines, or perhaps seasonal flowers.

Both these structures provide shade used in different entertaining contexts and situations. It’s the homeowner’s choice whether an attached structure that offers convenience or a detached pergola that offers a certain sense of quiet is the preferred choice. Patios and pergolas also offer different design possibilities, so it’s best to look at all your options and work with a professional to help you discover what best suits your lifestyle needs.

Modern Outdoor Structural Designs from Trueline

Here at Trueline, we provide innovative outdoor living solutions based on the historical principles of patio and pergola design, however our passion for innovation, durability and architectural style ensures that every Trueline outdoor living design created is made using premium materials, superior craftsmanship, and the best modern engineering available to meet the unique Australian weather conditions.

Our Pergolaire Louvered Patio designs bring together elements of the traditional patio & pergola by combining mechanical 180-degree louver rotation blades that give the owner unique control over sunlight, shade, breeze, and rain. This design provides the perfect balance of function and aesthetics, allowing personalised ambient conditions for lounging, dining or entertaining at any time of the year.

Our Cabana Patio Rooms reflect a contemporary resort style patio space, often featuring our Sunclipse Insulated roofing, polished decking, and privacy screening, they become a truly heavenly space to relax and unwind, all in the comfort of your own home.

Similarly, if functional outdoor living space is your primary objective, our Coolskin Patio range elevates the classic design of a patio with its premium quality, high-performance materials that provide the cool comfort required, at a budget friendly price tag.

Trueline: The Queensland Destination for Dream Outdoor Living

Whether you’re interested in the functionality that patios offer, or the intricate designs that outdoor pergolas provide, Trueline can take your outdoor living to new heights with innovative design and only the best materials that Australia has to offer.

Interested in our services? Check out our Gallery today for outdoor living ideas or call us now at 1300 50 20 20 for a FREE design consultation.



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