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As specialists in the design and construction of outdoor structures, Trueline can build a beautiful carport for your property that reflects your personal preferences and complements your home perfectly. We have a wide range of carport designs from which to choose, all of which can be customized to your personal specifications. With flat or contoured Aluminum, Steel and Insulated roof profiles, available in a selection of stunning colours, you are guaranteed the perfect carport when you engage the experts at Trueline.

Stylish, practical and extremely durable carports in Brisbane

All of the carports that we design and install are built using the highest quality Australian-made materials, ensuring they are not only beautiful but practical and durable too. Whether you opt for a traditional open carport design or a carport shed, we guarantee you will be delighted with the results we achieve. Trueline also specializes in Boat ports and Vanports too, meaning you can protect and maintain those valuable assets such as Caravans and Boats that aren’t used as frequently as your car.

Cool carports

Our aluminium roofs transfer 34% less heat than steel, keeping your vehicles comfortably cool all year round. For an extra cool environment, you can opt for an insulated roof, with practically zero heat transfer to the covered area.

Whatever type or style of carport you would like us to build, don’t hesitate to contact us now: we’ll prepare a design and quotation specific to your requirements.


A carport is essentially a covered area under which cars can be parked. Unlike a garage, it is not fully enclosed: carports normally have at least 2 open sides and with freestanding structures, often all sides will be open.

In most cases, council approval is required as part of the building process before having a carport installed. Certain factors impact the council approval process, such as the design you choose, the proximity of the structure to boundary’s and most importantly depends on compliance with Local Council requirements. Trueline works with specialised Certifiers and Surveyors to manage the whole process of Council Approvals on behalf of their customers including Siting Relaxations, Development applications, Fire Engineer Reports to name but a few.

The total cost of your new carport will depend on the design, size and materials that you choose. Generally speaking, carport designs are much less expensive than garage designs of equivalent size. For an accurate price, call or email us now.

Single carports are normally around 3 meters wide, while double carports are around 5 ½ to 6 meters wide. However, as long as boundaries and available space are not an issue, we will be happy to design and build a carport of any width you desire.

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