Patio, Pergola & Carport FAQs

Have a Question about building your Patio, Pergola & Carport FAQs?

Over the last 50 years we’ve heard almost every question possible when it comes to designing and building a dream outdoor living space so we thought it would be useful for others considering a Patio, Pergola or Carport to see some of the questions which we’ve been asked over the last 5 decades.

Q1. Do you take care of the Council approval?

We certainly do! We pride ourselves on our teams ability to provide all customers with the best customer service possible, and this means putting your mind at ease while we take care of the design, engineering and council approval process. We do of course encourage home owners to be involved in this process and as such, your dedicated Project Manager is available to assist with any queries you may have during this time.

Q2. How long does it usually take from when we sign up to build?

Although we would love to say every project is exactly the same to provide you the exact timeframe, unfortunately the time required between sign up and build is variable depending on your specific & unique circumstances. We have some customers request builds are delayed to fit in with their personal situations or schedules, and at the other end, have some builds which are delayed as the project is a little more detailed than a standard build. Whatever the case, we aim to have your project completed as quickly as our schedule and the circumstances allow, and this means we stay in touch to provide updates on how your project is tracking, when materials can be expected and when build is due to commence and finish. We appreciate that customers may have concerns or queries around a range of these elements and we encourage you to get in touch with our team so we can assist in putting your mind at ease during the build process.

Q3. Do I need to be home for the build and delivery of materials?

You do not need to be home for the delivery of materials or build, however should you have any specific requests we would be happy to discuss these further with you. To reassure all customers further, our build teams are experienced and able to discuss your queries or concerns however your  dedicated Project Manager is always available on the phone to call if needed.

Q4. What if I want to make any changes to the design or colours – When do I have to make all final decisions?

We don’t want anyone to rush in choosing a colour or design they don’t absolutely love so once you have selected the materials and designs you DO love and you have signed up to have your dream outdoor living space or Carport built by Trueline we will have your plans formally drafted.  If you want to make ANY changes to the design or colours chosen, you will need to have these agreed to prior to submitting your application to Council and order of materials.

Q5. Are you able to work with other trades as part of a larger renovation project?

Absolutely.  We are happy to work with other trades teams to discuss timing and ensure your outdoor renovation project runs as smooth as possible. After all, we want to ensure you are creating a space you will love for MANY years to come and we know that assisting in bringing your dream to life with a beautiful patio, pergola or carport is just one element within a complete vision of your home.

Q6.Do you install lights and fans and if not do you have a recommendation?

Trueline do provide the conduits to allow for an electrician to install lights and fans however we don’t actually install them. Afterall, we’re specialists and professionals in the design & installation of your dream outdoor living structure. The great news though is that we can happily provide recommendations for an electrician if required. We will only recommend a supplier or trades team that we ourselves would use so you can rest assured that it’s only the best.

Q7. Stormwater connection – who do I contact to get this done?

As with lighting, we don’t facilitate the stormwater connection, however we may be able to assist in recommend a plumber. Alternatively you may have a Plumber who you’ve used for other projects around the home and we encourage you to get i touch with them to organise the stormwater connection. You will need to have this connection completed prior to receiving your Final Inspection and completed Form 21 documentation. 

Q8. Final inspection and Form 21

Once we have completed your build, we notify the Certifier who will get in touch with you directly to arrange the final inspection. The inspection is to check the build and confirm that the stormwater has been connected.  A Form 21 Certificate will be issued by the Certifier and sent by email to the customer and Trueline.

Q9. Importance of retaining Form 21 for future home sale - please note: this is becoming a requirement to provide this to lawyers taking care of Home Sales.

When selling your home it’s increasingly important to ensure you include not only the approved council plans for your outdoor living structure, but to also include the Form 21 Certification (Form 21 Certification). With this in mind, we encourage you to keep this handy in a safely secured spot. You may even want to keep it in a cloud based folder along with all documentation relating to your warranty and care instructions. This just helps to keep everything in order for future reference. 

Q10. In current COVID19 environment, is Council still processing applications?

Yes, at present Government guidelines mean we are still able to continue with our deliveries and builds. Although there are some restrictions caused by the COVID19 Pandemic, there is no obvious impediment to engineering, certification, material supply or construction work proceeding. Council is maintaining staff for Planning and our certifier works in a small office. They are of course adhering to health & safety measures with the ability to work from home to ensure applications continue through the process of approval.  From the Trueline build & installation team perspective, our teams are still on site completing projects. They work in teams of two and require little to no interaction with customers for the construction phase. We obviously hope that this can continue but as with all industries we will be governed by State and Federal rules as they unfold and will ensure all teams and customers are updated regarding possible impacts to their builds or project schedules.

Last Updated: 1 October 2020



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